About us

by Leonardo

Who we are

Sound-unsound.com is part of Sablicon Media. It is a free resource for people who want to learn how to play a musical instrument or who might need to purchase an accessory for it. Our team is composed of sound engineers and musicians, and all of our articles are created based on our experts’ recommendations.

What is our goal? We aim to help people who want to study music production or who want to learn how to play an instrument to find the right information they need. Whether that means tips on getting the right violin bow, synthesizer keyboard, or looper pedal, you’ll find that our posts are always consumer-driven and put your needs first.


What we do

We have embraced the concept of Simplexity as much as we can. We’re very much aware of the fact that the terminology associated with music playing or music production can be intimidating. We avoid using overly complicated terms, and we try to simplify the complexity and jargon that many brands utilize in their marketing materials. We strive to help music aficionados and newbies make the best buying decision so that they can focus on their experience instead of having to deal with decision fatigue or confusing information.

Our mission is to provide buying advice to anyone who is interested in becoming a musician, whether a professional or an amateur. On our site, we have tackled a variety of topics in the past. Ranging from why the bass guitar is an essential instrument in a band to getting the perfect guitar amplifier.

Since we believe that the best advice is always free, that’s what we try to do. And that is how our community has grown into a place where aspiring musicians can research practice tips, music theory, how to’s, and other reading materials about music.


Our research explained

Our team is composed of several musicians and sound engineers with different backgrounds and experiences. All of the articles that we publish on the site are created based on our experts’ recommendations as they know best what challenges they have had to face in the past. They review the topics that we have in line for the editorial calendar, and they understand and share the areas we should focus on even before beginning the research process.

They correlate their own needs (and those of prospective buyers) with the products that are currently available. Once their drafts are checked by our editors, the articles are posted. That is how we manage to have several pieces of content published every month.

We care about bringing you accurate information so that you can improve your skills and experience no matter what music field you’re interested in.

Meet our team

  • Alin

    Staff Writer

    Young and enthusiastic, Alin likes to always learn new things in the world of music and share the information he finds with the readers. Being a self-taught guitarist in a band, he can understand how an instrument works and can give you a tip or two on how to choose the right one and a few pointers on how to start playing it.

  • Irina

    Content Editor

    Since she edits most of the content that we produce every month, Irina is a highly skilled individual and editor. She loves to listen to a variety of music genres in her spare time, and she’s always loved reading about the history of music and musicology.

  • Lorin

    Director of content

    Lorin is a real goal-getter, and he always achieves what he puts his mind to, even if that might mean a lot of work. He loves electronic music and enjoys being a Director of Content for our Sound Unsound project.

  • Marian

    Website Editor

    Thanks to his technical background and expertise in programming, Marian is fully capable of handling the technical side of our website. He has been keeping Sound Unsound’s pages in check in terms of potential issues and design. In his spare time, he loves listening to post-modern rock and ethnical music.

  • Tania

    Staff Writer

    Tania is a full-time writer with a penchant for music, books, and outdoors. She describes herself as breathing music, so she writes about it, musical instruments and accessories included. She hopes that her posts will help you discover your passion for music and the products you need to explore it beautifully.

Our advisors

  • Jonathon Harris

    Jonathon has been building guitars for decades. It runs in the family. His brother and sons are also guitar builders. From hand selecting the finest wood to making random broomstick guitars, Jonathon understands how instruments work.

  • Jared Van Scoy

    Jared has been playing the drums since he was six years old. He also tests equipment for an Ohio-based music parts company. In addition to the drums he regularly plays electric and acoustic guitar and sings.

  • Luca Sammartino

    After getting his BA in Foreign Languages in Bologna, Luca started to roam both the digital and physical world to find his ideal job. As it turned out, it was writing. When he is not writing, you can find him playing his guitar. Either way, he likes to push keys to make things happen. His areas of expertise are musical instruments and musical equipment.

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